Acetone (Analytical Use)



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About Acetone
With the chemical formula (CH3)2CO (sometimes written as C3H6O), the systematic name for acetone is propanone or propan-2-one. It can be described as a liquid with a characteristic pungent ‘floral’ odour.
Unusual Uses of Acetone
In the lab, one of its main uses is as a solvent, but at home, the same dissolving power is also very useful. Certainly, nail varnish remover is one of the most familiar uses for acetone, but this compound has a few other little-known applications.
Acetone is a favourite for make-up artists to remove skin adhesive used in wigs and moustaches. Also, if your kids decide to spread their artwork on your windows with a permanent marker pen, it can easily be cleaned with acetone.
The same applies to sticker marks or paint. In fact, acetone can remove just about any stain around the house, from scuff marks on the floor to a dirty keyboard.
Main Safety Issues with Acetone
There are two main safety issues that need to be considered when handling this chemical:
Flammability: This is certainly the most hazardous property of acetone. Due to a low flash point (−20 °C or −4 °F), acetone may explode or cause a flash fire even at room temperature. However, this is a rare occurrence due to a high ignition energy point.
Oxidation: A second safety issue involves the formation of acetone peroxide when acetone is oxidised. This is a highly unstable compound. Both at home and in the lab, care must be taken to avoid mixing strong oxidisers, such as hydrogen peroxide, with acetone.
Health Information
As long as basic safety precautions are followed, there is no evidence for any short or long-term health consequences following normal use with diluted solutions. At higher concentrations, however, acetone can cause throat irritation in as little as 5 minutes and should only be used in a well-ventilated area.
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