Deluxe Seafood Yakiniku Platter, Frozen, +/-500g




We have selected our absolute favourite, most delicious seafood products for you to try cooking on our yakiniku. Our Deluxe Seafood Yakiniku board includes juicy octopus tentacles, sensational lobster meat, Japanese sashimi-grade scallops, cooked crab claws and plump juicy wild pink prawns. This spread of delicious seafood is only enhanced by being cooked on a yakiniku barbecue, with some of our Binchotan charcoals and wood.
This tender lobster has been hand-prepared to leave you with a perfectly intact tail and claw.
These plump and juicy prawns are so versatile. come peeled and deveined so all the fiddly work is done and they just need a quick flash in the pan.
These sashimi grade Japanese scallops are highly coveted by seafood aficionados and foodies all over the world, as they are truly the best you can get. They have not been soaked or treated like other scallops often are, because these scallops are of a superior quality and need little else to enhance their delicious flavour.
These octopus tentacles are flash frozen to ensure freshness. Simply thaw and cook or serve as desired – this octopus tastes delicious simply sliced when cold and drizzled with a little oil.  A typical Spanish tapas dish is ‘Pulpo Gallego’ – after the octopus has been cooked and chilled, it is sliced and served on top of boiled potatoes with paprika, so simple yet delicious! The ocotopus tentacles can also be used in stews and paellas for a truly authentic Spanish taste.
Crab claw is a luxurious delicacy, and these are simply delicious! These soft shell crab claws are ready to eat once they have been defrosted – just make sure not to overcook them if you are pan-frying them!
This is a delightful selection that will allow you to try a variation of the tastiest seafood around!


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