Ethanediol (General Use)



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Ethanediol Uses and Applications
Ethanediol is mainly used as a raw material in the textile and plastic industry, or in antifreeze products and as a cooling agent.
Cooling agent: Ethanediol is a popular cooling agent in cars or air conditioning systems, in particular if they have to work at below freezing temperatures. This compound not only lowers the freezing point but it also increases the boiling point, broadening the operation range for an engine at both ends of the scale. However, pure ethanediol has a heat capacity lower than water and should not be used as an engine coolant in this form
Antifreeze: Ethanediol effectively disrupts hydrogen bonding in water, lowering the freezing point of the mixture. For example, a mixture of 40% water and 60% ethanediol freezes at -45 degree Celsius (- 49 Fahrenheit)
Raw material: Ethanediol is used in the manufacture of polyester fibres used in textiles, and polyethylene terephthalate resins used in plastic bottles
Desiccant: Due to its high affinity to water, ethanediol is commonly used in the lab as a desiccant. In industrial settings, this compound is also used to inhibit the formation of gas clathrates in natural gas pipelines
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