Handcut Salmon Sashimi Loin & Belly, Fresh +/-450g




This stunning new seafood product is exclusive to Fine Food Specialist. Our fishmongers have hand-cut this premium side of sashimi-grade salmon, to leave you with the best parts, ready to slice into sashimi style strips or for sushi. The fat has been taken off the bottom, the spine has been removed and the cuts have been squared up to make the fish look it’s finest.
The flavour of this salmon will speak for itself, as it has a truly special flavour and won’t need much added to it other than good quality soy sauce and a bit of fiery fresh wasabi.
The +/-350g tray is made up of one prime loin and one fatty belly, coming from one side of salmon.
The fatty belly is the thinner of the two strips, and is considered to be the tastiest part of the salmon. The prime loin, also known as the Royal Cut, is tender and full of flavour.
These delicate cuts of salmon are specially prepared to be a simple and delicious way to serve raw salmon and the fresh flavour will stun your dinner guests at a sushi dinner party!


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