Handmade Black Garlic Butter, from Frozen, 2 x 100g




This amazing, creamy butter comes from Abernethy, in Ireland. The milk is sourced from a local dairy where the cows graze exclusively on green fields in the Lagan valley, ensuring its quality and flavour is the best and freshest possible. The butters are blended by hand in small batches, using wooden butter paddles that separate the sour buttermilk out, which is then washed away. The butter is then washed by hand, leaving it in its purest form. Once this is done, the black garlic is added and the butter rolled out, leaving you with this beautiful, creamy addition to your table.
Simply spread this on a chunk of freshly baked baguette, or use to cook with if you’re looking for an additional sweet and tangy black garlic flavour.


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