Iberico Pork Taster Selection, Frozen, +/-500g




A collection of our three favourite cuts of Iberico pork – hand-sliced for ease to pop onto your yakiniku or barbecue.
This is a fantastic way to try some of the delicious and succulent cuts of Iberico we offer. Often compared to Wagyu in terms of marbling, the Iberico pork meat has very high levels of marbling, making the meat very tender. The flavour is incredibly unique, as the black pigs are fed on acorns throughout their life, creating a stunning nutty undertone.
The Presa is considered to be the finest cut of the Iberian pig, a cut attached to the shoulder at the head of the loin. The Solomillo is the fillet or tenderloin, which is undoubtedly the most tender piece of meat available as it comes from an almost unused muscle. The Lomo, also known as the loin, come from the back and side of the pig, and is known for it’s rich and delicious flavour.
Pair with a home-made chimichurri to serve, and some crispy roasted potatoes and seasonal greens, griddled in a little garlic butter.


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