Steak Experience Box, Frozen, +/-1kg




Fine Food Specialist’s Steak Experience box is the perfect way to try three very different cuts of beef. These three steaks will feed up to 3 people, weighing at around 1kg. This steak box is the perfect selection to bring out at a summer BBQ for foodies and steak connoisseurs. With three different delicious steaks, everyone will be more impressed with the selection!
First up, the Wagyu Goose Skirt which comes from the forequarter of the animal. This part of the animal is very tender and can be cooked very quickly on the barbecue, with similar properties to a bavette. Best eaten medium-rare with a generous drizzle of chimichurri sauce!
The Wagyu Chuck Denver is another perfect way to try eating Wagyu beef, it’s a must-try. This cut comes from underneath the shoulder blade, which is a less-used muscle than that of other cuts, such as rib-eye. This makes the Denver steak perfect for cooking on the grill. The fat marbling throughout the steak melts during cooking providing a rich flavour and melt in the mouth texture.
USDA Prime beef comes from well-fed, young cattle, ensuring the meat is of a very high-quality, with just under three percent of all beef qualifying to this standard. There are three superior, and eight in total, grades of USDA beef, with Prime being the most marbled and sought after in high-end restaurants, followed by Choice which is the most common, and then Select. USDA Prime beef is marbled with fat, similar to Wagyu cuts, making it extremely succulent and tender. The marbling fat through the sirloin will keep the meat juicy and succulent, with the flame creating a tasty crust on the outside. Let it rest before serving, then simply slice up and serve with a homemade chimichurri sauce.
Enjoy all the steaks on the BBQ, along side the Bernaise butter included to add a little extra indulgence!


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