Te Mana Lamb Cannon, Frozen, 4 x +/-250g




Te Mana Lamb is a revelation in the restaurant world and is a highly-regarded delicacy from the homeland of quality lamb. The name ‘Te Mana’ means prestige and authorty in Maori, which is fitting as the meat has been described as ‘food from heaven’. The high Omega 3 content is a product of the lambs being fed on chicory pastures for thirty days.
Although the fillet of the cannon is typically lean, the genetics of the Te Mana lamb means that there are still high levels of Omega 3 and polyunsaturated fats and micro-marbling, that makes these cuts of lamb a very special option.
The fat-cap on the meat is also full of flavour, and is best kept on so it can be rendered down for an extra delicious taste.
The cannons are a perfect alternative to the full rack, a stunning option to cook for your Sunday roast dinner.


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