Whole Rabbit, Fresh, +/-1.5kg




Farmed rabbit tends to be plumper, more tender and paler in colour than wild rabbit. It is naturally lean so makes a low-fat and protein-rich meal. With a flavour similar to chicken, rabbit can be cooked in much the same way, although a rasher of bacon or two will help keep the meat moist during cooking. Rabbit meat also reacts well to being cooked for a long roast, so that the meat is tender. Serve a roast rabbit with seasonal vegetables and potatoes of your choice for a Sunday dinner with a difference.
Rabbit meat also makes a delicious pie or ragù and its subtle sweet gaminess is an excellent addition to terrines and pâtés.
Generally, farmed rabbits will weigh at least 1-1.5kg, which is a little larger than wild rabbits. The gamey flavour of the rabbit pairs well with earthy favours of mushrooms and can be enhanced further by adding rich sauces and stuffings.


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